for we do an awful lot of mindless doing.

Starry Night

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According to the scientific context it is a a celestial body emitting light in the sky. However, humanity has attached a greater and more special meaning to it. It signifies achievement, signals direction, inspires children stories. It is proportionally shaped with edges that point radially. Perhaps we hope to aim as high as the stars or shine as bright as they do.

pile of stars

However, today I refer to ones made out of paper. I first came across these in a corner shop at an early age. I had always had an affinity for small things, so naturally these little creations were no exception. After learning how to make one, I couldn’t help but continue until I folded all in one sitting.

For certain personalities, this may be quite tedious and almost pointless, for what is the gain in the folding of dozens or even hundreds of stars? Well, I wonder about the Japanese tradition of folding 1000 paper cranes to be granted a wish. Although there may not be an apparent benefit for what seems to be a frivolous activity, must there be?

Personally, being able to immerse myself in the folding already helps to take my mind off the things of this world. The headaches from planning, problem solving, fixing. Time can pass by without me wondering what is the next thing to be doing. I can enjoy the little pleasure in front of me before entering back into the world’s grasp.

Star folding may not be your cup of tea, but is there something else that can accomplish the same for you? Something that can help you slow down, to forget the worries of today and enjoy the moment?

I believe that we need more moments such as these. Times where we can process and unwind ourselves, especially when living with a schedule that demands all of our attention.

Perhaps I am thinking too critically about such an activity, but I hope that you will at least give this a thought. What occupies your time? Is it restorative in any way? Do you wish to do more of these things?

I hope that this helped to peek a little deeper into yourself and question the world around you, for we do an awful lot of mindless doing.