I think that is the exact reason why I seem to be so fond of it.


Materials Used:

Step 1:

Gather the materials together and prepare a rectangular frame using masking tape.

Step 2:

Using a brush, apply only water on the area within the frame. Then on the side, mix small portions of black and blue paint together and brush onto the wet canvas. While the paper is wet take a larger portion of black and create abstract shapes with space around the darker areas. Then allow to dry.

Step 3:

Before moving onto the raindrops, practice a bit on the side. Using the black colored pencil draw rounded frames without closing the shape. Then on the side opposite the unclosed end, shade a thicker border, gradually tapering towards the other side. Try variations in shapes and sizes.

Step 4:

Then begin adding the same shapes to the watercolor background. Add some shading to areas in the raindrop.

Step 5:

After drawing on the raindrops, add hints of white using the white gel pen on the bottom edges opposite the thick border, reflecting the lighter areas of the background.

Rain is a phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be appreciated as it should. If you overlook its drawbacks, event cancellations or its somberness to name a few, you’ll find rain to be quite special.

There’s something about it that draws me in. Maybe it’s the diversity in the way it falls, the soothing sound that echoes, or the power it has to bring things to a halt. Subtly, rain slows down the pace of society often making it seem an encumbrance, and I think that is the exact reason why I seem to be so fond of it.

Yet many will agree that rain is very much needed in our planet, for all benefit from it. We cannot reap the fruits of this world without its presence.

final painting

I am particularly drawn to its calming effect. Notice the way it continues to fall and find a way to gather in puddles, catching the drops to come. Listen to the drops meet the ground. Even in the confines of a car, you see the tiny droplets glide down the window, reflecting the outside scenery. Taking this in, I begin to feel at ease.

Some of you may feel quite the opposite, but I hope this can help you to view it differently, even if just a little more than when we started.

The next time it rains, stop and observe. What do you notice that you didn’t see before? In what ways do you see the world begin to slow down?